By following current world tendencies in the art of dance and folklore, by organizational advancement and modern approach to stage and folklore creativity, the “Simyonov” ensemble sets new goals aimed at blending traditional folklore dance with modern dance expressions. This way, “Simyonov” creates its own, authentic, recognizable identity in dance. The “Simyonov” ensemble is becoming the creator and bearer of the new vision of Serbian dance, and the ultimate goal would doubtlessly be the “Simyonov” National Ballet.

The costumes and music are authentic, chosen for their beauty and variety, representing the unique character of Serbian folklore. “SIMYONOV” has made four national tours of Mexico each time two months, and more than a score of tours to the festivals Spain ( Ourense, Viveiro, Burgos, Santander, Teneriffe, Mallorca, Portugalete, Huelva, Los Alcasares ), France ( Biaritz, San jean de Bruel ), Greece ( Atina, loaninna ), IItaly ( Castrovillari ), Egypt ( Asuan ), Tunisia ( Monastery ), India ( Ahmedabad ), Taiwan ( Tainan ), Israel ( Juerusalim ) winning widespread press and public acclaim everywhere for the brilliant theatricitions and imaginative choreographic conceptions of its dance performances. If you are interested to have Serbian folk ballet group “SIMYONOV” at your event, we shall be happy to show you our program.